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About Honey Bee Removal

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Seeing a need for safe, well equipped removal of bees from homes, shops and offices in South Africa our company leaped into the gap and began the environmentally responsible and humane process of clearing hives from places where they are causing a hazard. A cost effective process of removing bees and their hives with very little inconvenience to you while allowing the bees to continue their existence.

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Coexisting with the natural systems around us is one of the lessons humankind has to learn if we expect to continue to enjoy all the fruits of nature. It is easy to become angry with bees if they harm us or our children and people sometimes take some misguided actions. The common bee in South Africa, Apis mellifera scutellata Lepeletier is acknowledged to be both robust (which is good for pollination and bee farming) and aggressive (which is a worry for parents and allergic persons). This aggressive, or as bee lovers would have it, 'less docile' nature of our bees is what necessitates professional removal. Poor planning and simply not knowing what to do can make an amateur hive extraction extremely dangerous. With professional attention, the African Honey Bee can be made to move from one location to another without any sort of high drama or risk to the family.

Why Are Bees A South African Problem?

We find bees moving into our habitat because both human and bee habitats are in the process of expansion. Our local bees Apis mellifera scutellata Lepeletier are tremendously invasive, the expansion of their population across the globe only limited by the fact that African bees do not like the cold. Above and below certain latitudes only the European bee species can thrive. The South African climate, very nearly throughout the entire country, is a dream come true for swarms of African Honey Bees. Our countryside is fertile and has a very high population of bees, leading inevitably to the presence of bees in urban surroundings like our three major cities, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

The Goal of Honey Bee Removal

As a business, our goal is to provide a quality service at a reasonable rate to anyone who needs help with a bee problem in their building or on their grounds. We take pride in the fact that this goal of removing bees is accomplished without bringing harm to the bees, our clients or ourselves. It's a great business to be in!

How to kill bees

We often find that people are intimidated by the presence of bees to such an extent that their first reaction is to try and find out how to kill bees. All this does is solve their immediate problem, and the knock on effect is ignored.
  • Often the bees are angered because the method the people has chosen is not effective enough to kill but it is enough to anger the bees causing them to swarm and attack
  • The area is not cleaned properly and attracts other pests looking to get at the honey
  • The world bee population is in steady and severe decline, which could prove catastrophic for world food production
  • Costly damage to property can be the result of trying to reach the colony.
  • People often are unaware that they may be allergic to bees meaning their efforts could result in their own death.
Bee removers are experts and have sufficient experience to ensure that the bees are removed, quickly and efficiently and with minimal disruption to you, your loved ones and the bees.

Watch the video as Peter takes us through the process of re-hiving a swarm of bees. He uses the queen which he has caught in a queen clip, encouraging the bees to follow her.

Bees are shedding more light on complex problems and are providing possible solutions to medical issues that were thought incurable. Click here to read more on the ongoing development and use of bees in the scientific field.


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