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How do bees get behind fridges?

Fridges are bulky objects and not often moved which leaves the dark space between them and the cool kitchen wall as ideal space for backs of fridges make ideal places for bee hivesbees to start buildig a hive. You are probably thinking, "Surely I will notice if a swarm of bees flies into my kitchen!" but it's not as obvious as that. The bees will have found another way in, either through the air vents or airbrick, which in older houses were very close to the floor.

If this airbrick is close to the ground with something that doesn't often get moved in front of it, it is an open invitation for insects to move in.

Luckily these bees and their hive will be easy to reach, just make sure all the entrances to the rest of the house are closed and that you close the vent in a manner that will still allow air through but nothing else.

Once all the bees have been removed, clean the are with warm soapy water, be careful the fridge does run on electricity, and wipe down the whole area with disinfectant or insect repellant to prevent the bees from coming back or other insects from moving in.


last updated on 24 November 2014