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Bees: Friend or pest

Bees are certainly not a pest. This idea stems from the ignorance of what bees are and their place in our ecosystem.

Some people confuse bees with other insects that are dangerous or carry harmful bacteria. But bees are different. Firstly, bees are not out to hurt people, we simply cohabit the world and they only sting when we encroach on their environment. They do so out of fear and survival instinct, not out of wanting to hurt or be malicious. Seeing a bee around you or on plants should not make your concerned - unless of course, you have an allergy! But for the rest of us, just be aware of not stepping on the bee, or swatting at it, as that will threaten the bee and it might sting. Rather leave it to go on its way.

Bees: Friend or Pest

Bees are an essential element in the process of farming vegetables and fruits. They are some of the very best pollinators and used by farmers to pollinate their fields. Not all plants can pollinate themselves and this is where bees are an essential component of the ecosystem. They pollinate many foods and vegetables that humans depend upon such as broccoli, watermelon, apples, cherries, cranberries, and almonds. Not only this but the extinction of bees (which is already a threatened species) could threaten not only agriculture but the meat and dairy industry too as it affects the crops that those animals eat.

Part of the beauty of the world that we humans have is thanks in large part to the pollination by bees. Without bees, our planet would be very plain indeed.

From vital foods to the beautification of our world, bees are a necessary and vital part of life. Bees most certainly are not pests, but good friends.

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