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Bees in Bird boxes

Many people like to attract birds to their garden, either through supplying them with plants which they can eat or by ensuring that they have somewhere to nest. These people provide bird boxes for the birds.

Many birds will only make use of the birdbox provided for a season or while they raise their young. As soon as the nestlings can fly the entire family moves on. Often to be replaced by another family of birds.

It has also been known to happen that a colony of bees will move into the birdbox before the new family gets a chance to move in. In this instance it may be necessary to move the bees.

Do not try to remove the bees yourself. Have a professional remove the bees. That way you can ensure that it is done quickly, efficiently and safely.

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bees make use of birdboxes to build hives inThis is the inside of a birdbox after a swarm of bees has been there for a while. Our bee remover has already removed some of the honeycomb and alot of the bees. He tells me that the queen has not started laying yet. Honeycomb is bright yellow like this and brood comb is darker, almost brown.




Watch how we rehouse these bees into a bee-hive by clicking here

Last updated on 24 November 2014