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Bees in boundary walls

The wall between you and your neighbour may have the noble purpose of seperating what belongs to each of you while keeping his pets out of your garden and vice versa. But because it is wall that doesn't really serve any purpose but to seperate to patches of land less expensive bricks or even left over bricks from another project are used. These bricks often have air holes in them or the wall may not be in as good repair as one might expect.

If you are lucky enough to live in the country or have a country style home the your boundary walls may very well be made of rock. Rocks being as uneven as they are will probably leave the wall with some gaps in, that while the don't detract from the wall will certainly make a lovely home for a colony of bees.

Do not try to remove the bees yourself and don't dismantle the wall to get at them, rather call us. We are professional bee removers, we will capture the bees for transporting to a safe location with as little disruption to you as possible. We will do our best to leave the wall as we found it, but bee free.

In the picture above you can see that a colony of bees have found a hole in the wall which is probably hollow. This is an ideal place for bees to build their hive since there will be very little disturbance. The image at he bottom is a close up of the hole in the wall. This entrance is easy to defend from robber bees because it is small will likely bee the only entrance or exit to the hive.



Last updated on 24 November 2014