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Bees in Chimneys

Chimneys are fascinating things, besides allowing you too have a roaring fire and ensuring that the room does not fill up with smoke, chimneys can be a haven for living creatures big and small. We don't want to harm any animals and so clean our chimneys before the winter fire making season starts.

Sometimes it's a bird who finds the chimney pot attractive and builds itself a nest, blocking the chimney, other times it's a rodent who finds it's way into the flue but not out again. Whatever the case, your chimney will definitely need sweeping.

Sometimes a swarm of bees will enter the relative cool, dark space of a chimney and decide it's the perfect place for a home and start building their hive. If you notice the bees fairly soon after their arrival the bee remover will be able to get them out of the chimney in a matter of minutes. But if they have been in your chimney for a while chances are they will have built a hive and your chimney will most likely be blocked by the honeycomb.

bees entering a hole in chimney

Bees can often be subdued by smoke, but making a fire in order to flush the out of the chimney is not the best idea as they may decide to vacate the space into your house or the honey comb may actually melt and catch alight. Chimney fire are extremely dangerous and difficult to put out. Rather have a bee remover assess the situation and then make a decision on which course of action to take.

The missing brick in the wall of the chimney has provided an opportune entrance for the bees, making it easy for them to build their hive.

Do not try to remove the bees yourself. Being stung by a swarm of angry bees and quite possibly falling from the roof as a result is not really a prospect anyone would relish. So rather have the bees removed by a professional. They will be have protective clothing and all the necessary wquipment with which to remove the bees.


This page was last updated on 24 November 2014