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Bees pool pump housings

Swimming pool pump housings are by nature quiet, still places where there is seldom any necessity for anybody to poke around.
The silence is periodically broken by the humming of the motor as the pump goes into operation. So this is really a great place for bees to build their hive.

Your swimming pool does however need regular maintenance which would include you manually operating the pump, and the proximity to the swimming pool would mean children playing around the pool screaming and splashing.

The bees would not take kindly to these interruptions and you and anyone around the pool would become targets for their rage.

  • Do not open the pump housing if bees have made a home inside it
  • Do not spray your own poisons into the housing
  • Don't swim until the bees have been removed
  • Keep the lawn mower away from the area while the bees are still there

Call an experienced bee remover and have him come and remove the bees from the pumphosing, safely, humanely, effectively.

Once the bee remover has cleared out the bees and any comb which the bees may already have built it is best that you wash te area with warm soapy water in order to remove any traces of was or honey. Leftover wax or honey will only serve to attract scavengers or other bees. Once you have cleaned the area give it a thourough wiping down with disinfectant, it will remove any smell that scavengers may find attractive.


This page was last updated on 24 November 2014