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Bees in trees

Although not a strange thing to see a swarm of bees in a tree, it is a bit unlikely that they will choose that spot in which to build a hive. Bees will usually cluster around the queen in such a vulnerable space while they rest and wait for the return of the scout bees to show them the different spaces they have selected for the colony to settle and get on with the building of a hive and foraging.

It is unclear what motivated this colony to buuild their nest out in the open in this manner. The person who called us in to have the bees removed, did mention that the area was quite thick with growth and the leaves and branches provided quite a canopy under which the bees felt secure.

It seems as if it would be quite a simple job to just remove the bees, but the profusion of twigs and branches made it difficult, since the were either growing through the hive or the bees had built the honeycomb around any obstacles.

We did manage to remove the hive and the bees. There may be a few bees who will visit the site in order to eat any honey that stayed behind. These are robber bees and they will usually clear off once the leftovers are gone, and the location is not really an ideal spot for a bee-hive which leave virtually no risk of a repeat.



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last updated on 27 January 2015