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Bees in wine barrels

bees in wine barrels are not as rare an occurance as one may think. Even with the advent of modern wine making methods, there are still a lot of cultivars that are kept in barrels. And of course when these barrels are waiting to be used or if they are no longer in use they make a wonderful spot for bees to settle in. The sweet aromas of the wood andwine barrels make the perfect place in which to build a hive. the wine might also entice them to stay.

Often people make use of the empty wine barrels for outdoor furniture or plant containers, so making sure that the barrel is without bees is very important.

If you find that the wine barrel has become a home to a swarm of bees do not try to remove them yourself, drown them or even spray with poison. All of these things will only serve to agitate the bees. Rather call a bee remover to do the job quickly and safely.

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