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How to safely remove bees from your home

Firstly, don’t panic. Bees are not dangerous insects out to get you. They are far too busy looking for blossoms and other flowers to pollinate. Bees will not sting you unless you do something to threaten or hurt them. This is important to know because you should never kill a bee except in the most extreme cases, as they are vital for our own survival and are a dying species.

Safely remove bees

Your best course of action to take is to call a beekeeper who will have all the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to remove the bee safely. If this is not an option, then the following methods may be employed.

Firstly, ensure to wear covering clothing to limit the areas of yourself that bees could sting. And wear gloves - gardening gloves will do very well.

If you are dealing with just one or two bees that are in your home (maybe on some furniture or floor):

  • Grab a sheet of paper and gently move it towards the bee. Be careful not to move it sharply towards the bee, which could threaten it. Most of the time bees will climb onto the paper, then slowing lift the paper with the bee and take it to a window or outside - preferably to a plant if possible.
  • Another easy method is to use an empty kitchen container, and again being very careful not to squash or hurt the bee, guide it into the container and gently place the lid on. Go outside and let the bee out.
If you have a big bee hive in your home the risk goes up significantly. A handful of bites may not be lethal or dangerous but this changes the more bees there are. It is strongly advised to call a professional beekeeper or a bee removal service who will be able to assist you safely (while helping preserve this important dying species).

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