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Bees will build a hive almost anywhere

Bees have been known to build their hives in the oddest of places. As long as it is accessible to them and they feel safe they will consider building a hive. Food and water and a temperature in the hive that will benefit the bees and their honey production are all factors but what they really want is to be left alone to go about their busines.

Here are a few places that bees have chosen to build their hive, and when it was noticed it was too late to prevent them from doing it.

Remember, it is best to have bees professionally removed to avoid any harm they may cause through stinging.

Bees in a wooden cupboard

A bee-hive in a chicken coop

A hive in a garden ornament


Bees in air-brick

Bees in air-brick

Bees in air-brick


Bees in the wall of a house





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This page was last updated on 3 December 2014.